Ice Cream Cravings


I was sitting in a tax class this morning, and all I could focus on was my giant ice cream craving. It was raining out and all I wanted was to be in bed, Stella next to me, with a pint of Rain or Shine’s vanilla. It’s creamy, speckled with vanilla bean, and I just die for it.

My family loves ice cream. Agreeing on a flavour is a near impossibility (which is why at a given time we’ll have up to 7 different flavours in our freezer), but when someone suggests ice cream, no one ever disagrees.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream’s vanilla is my favourite (but I won’t say no to Rocky Point’s double chocolate raspberry). My mom loves pandan gelato from Bella Gelateria. My brother is an Earnest Ice Cream whisky hazelnut fan. And my dad just loves anything that is coffee or espresso flavoured – he’s not picky. You can see why agreeing on a flavour isn’t really possible. Sometimes we’ll get a Milano ice cream cake (espresso + straciatella) from Bella Gelateria because it’s two flavours we can all somewhat enjoy.


A couple summers ago, I made it my mission to try as many of the ice cream sandwiches Vancouver had to offer, and I did a pretty good job. Beta5’s were my favourite. But I never got a chance to try the ones from Brown Paper Packages until this past summer at the Food Truck Festival. On the day we were there, they had Affogato and Orange Bunny (carrot cake). Both were amazing.

I’m vaguely aware of my professor talking about a “control test” and an “economic reality” test. Here’s my ice cream sandwich test:

  1. Cookie to ice cream ratio (it’s my opinion that there should be more ice cream than cookie).
  2. Flavour (no goat cheese, please & thank you).
  3. Do I want to eat it again?


Ice Cream Sandwiches that have passed my test:

  1. Beta5’s chocolate raspberry
  2. Beta5’s strawberry elderflower
  3. Milk’s red velvet macaron ice cream sandwich
  4. Brown Paper Packages’ affogato
  5. Last but not least, your standard Klondike

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