Dear Mom, I’m surviving.


I was on the phone with my mother the other night, and she could not believe I hadn’t been home yet – I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving and Reading Week. To paraphrase, she said that I needed to finish up exams and come home already (as if it’s that simple). My mother is unable to wrap her head around the fact that I like being in Windsor – she tells me almost every day that I can come home whenever I want (again, as if it’s that simple). She can’t imagine how I’m surviving without my daily Medina waffle and Phnom Penh take out.

But I promise I’m surviving, especially – oddly enough – now that the temperatures have dropped and we’re seeing the first signs of winter and snow. Windsor is surprisingly well-equipped for lunches, brunches and dinners on cold, below-zero days.

Case in point: tonight’s spanakopita and lemon-rice-and-chicken soup at Stathis Grill. And udon at Hikari. And grilled cheese & tomato soup at The Twisted Apron.


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