The Night Market


I hadn’t been to the Night Market in at least a year, so I spent Saturday night there with some of my favourites. There’s always a lot of fun, random things to buy (a lot of Hello Kitty and Totoro and pandas), and even more things to eat. That’s the best part.


If you know me at all, you’ll know I love food and I want to try it all. So Saturday night at the Night Market looked something like this: Hurricane Fries, taiyaki, chicken nuggets, poffertjes and strawberry lemonade. In retrospect, I should have also had the squid.


Of all the food I consumed that night, I think I enjoyed the poffertjes most. Taiyaki is usually the only dessert item I get at the Night Market (because I’m not really good at pacing myself), so having room for the poffertjes on Saturday was definitely different – different in the best way possible. Poffertjes are traditional Dutch pastries and are often referred to as mini Dutch pancakes, but they are not at all like pannekoeken which are large and slightly chewy. Rather, poffertjes are tiny and fluffy and melt in your mouth. On Saturday I had mine with butter, powdered sugar and syrup, and every bite was heaven. I always thought stroopwafels were my favourite (my brother and I die for them), but now I think I love poffertjes more.

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