Honeybees & Brownies


On Stella’s “go pee” walk this morning, she got stung by a bee. On her foot. Which meant she wasn’t going to pee or walk any further. She was going to be carried home, all twenty-five pounds of her. And because she doesn’t react well to bug bites of any kind, we got in the car and headed straight to the vet. She received a steroid shot, as well as a Benadryl shot, and she was a sleepy puppy all the way home.

In our haste to get to the vet before she swelled up like last time, I forgot to bring water. So before heading home, I stopped at Caffé Divano. I only meant to get water, but there were brownies and lemon-raspberry teacakes on the counter. I had to get both. The teacake was good (lots of raspberry), but not nearly as yummy as the ones at Savary Island Pie Co. But the brownie was all dark chocolate and chewy and heaven.



Caffé Divano
101 Klahanie Drive
Port Moody, BC

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