Motor Burger


About a week ago, we decided to try Motor Burger, a burger place right here in Windsor that was featured on You Gotta Eat Here.

I’d heard that one burger called “deux chevaux” was amazing, and I told everyone. Somehow that convinced most people to try it. I didn’t try it. It sounded amazing (gruyere, caramelized onions and smoked bacon balsamic) but I generally avoid mustard at all costs – it’s just not for me. Instead, I had the “el camino” which was a chorizo burger with avocado, chipotle aioli, smoked cheese and some sort of salsa. With a vanilla milkshake, fries (tossed in herbs, parmesan and sea salt, much like the ones at the American Cheesesteak Co. in Vancouver) and roasted garlic maple dip alongside my burger, I was a happy camper.


If you’re ever in Windsor, Motor Burger is a priority.


Motor Burger
888 Erie Street
Windsor ON

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