Sushi and Stuff

It’s been way too long since I’ve had some good Japanese food. I miss gindara and mentaiko udon and agedashi tofu and spicy salmon and spot prawn sashimi. I miss block sushi at Guu and I miss ishi-yaki at Hapa.

A little while ago I had Japanese at this place called Hoi on Wyandotte Street, and it wasn’t bad (if you overlook the fact that they forgot both my cheese gyoza and sashimi), but it really, really made me miss my favourite Japanese places back home.


I also miss ramen. My mom and dad recently went out for black ramen, and took Stella with them. They are incapable of saying no to Stella (typical grandparents) – she just gives them the look –  so I don’t doubt that she had her share of ramen and golden eggs. And probably some cupcakes from Mancakes as well,  since my mother loves cupcakes and it’s practically right next door to the ramen place.


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