Family Weekend: Saturday


This past three-day weekend has proven to be very busy, and very much filled with family. I feel like I’m running on four hours of sleep, yet I’m strangely awake, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reality of the fact that I’ve got less than a month left here has set in, which is why I’ve been spending every waking moment with family and friends, visiting places that I love, and that I’ve really taken for granted.


After a walk along the water at Garry Point on Saturday, Stella and I joined family and friends at Tapenade Bistro for what will probably be my last patio brunch with everyone until I’m back from the east coast. It was bittersweet, but a great time nonetheless. My mom and I both had the “Bling Benedict”: two perfectly poached eggs, lobster, dungeness crab, and avocado sitting atop toasted brioche with a meyer lemon hollandaise. Given the restaurant’s location in Steveston Village, it was a perfect alternative to a traditional eggs benny.



Others had eggs bennies with sausage and goat cheese, one with pulled pork, and still others had mussels & frites, fritattas, and fish stew. Afterward, we took a walk around Steveston Village, stopping for screamers, gelato, and a boatload of fresh seafood.


It was a day filled with family, friends, and good food, in one of my favourite places.

Tapenade Bistro
3711 Bayview Street
Steveston Village, Richmond BC

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