Morning at Granville Island


One of my favourite places in Vancouver is Granville Island. It’s like one giant farmers market with so much good food alongside art and culture. Earlier today, my mom, Stella, and I took the False Creek Ferry over to Granville Island to have lunch with some friends and their pup, Charlie. It’s a quick ride from Kits Point – only about 12 minutes – and there’s always a nice breeze that picks up off the water. We passed by the coast guard station and the big tree with the eagle’s nest, and saw the juvenile eagle perched on the roof – in a little while his brown feathers will give way to that majestic white head characteristic of bald eagles. Seeing things like that just make my day, and had I driven, I would have totally missed out on that.



We got lunch from the Public Market, and sat outside with the pups enjoying the sun and seabreeze. One of our friends mentioned Chocolate Arts and I remembered they were also making ice cream sandwiches this summer. Since they are only a couple blocks up from Granville Island, we decided to walk over.


I wrote about their great ice cream sandwiches here, but that’s not all they do. One item in particular that I’ve fallen in love with is their “homemade chocolate milk” – served over ice, it’s fantastic.

Today was a perfect day, and I will definitely be attempting to recreate it a few more times before I leave at the end of summer.

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