B-day Weekend


It hasn’t quite hit me that I’m turning 25 on Monday. Things are changing pretty quickly – by the end of the summer I’ll be bidding Vancouver goodbye (not permanently, of course, but long enough to miss it terribly) and beginning a new, but welcome chapter of my life, yet what I’m really concerned about is what cake I’ll be enjoying tomorrow. Elementary school saw cakes picked out by my mother (don’t really remember them, but knowing my mother, they were likely amazing), highschool saw mostly Dairy Queen ice cream cakes because they were cool…all yummy in their own right, but my favourite cakes so far, have been from my 20th birthday onward: princess cakes (two years in a row because there’s just something about that pale green marzipan), vanilla chiffon, almond-mascarpone, and a Charlotte. This year, I have a few ideas ranging from coconut-raspberry to a St. Honoré.


Cake time just can’t come soon enough – thankfully I’ve got some chocolate-covered strawberries and my silly little puppy to tide me over.


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