Yolk’s Chicken & Waffles


Ever since my friend and I paid LA’s Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles a visit a few years ago, I haven’t been able to kill my craving for the crispy, salty fried chicken and the buckwheat waffle doused in maple syrup alongside it. Sadly, Vancouver doesn’t really have chicken & waffles that are up to par, but Yolk’s does a pretty good job.

I’d been meaning to try Yolk’s for awhile now. It is mere steps from Café Medina, but whenever I’m in the area, Medina’s little liege waffles always seem to overshadow the little light blue truck. And the last time I was at the Winter Farmer’s Market, it was really busy and Stella was being moody and difficult. Anyway, Yolk’s does chicken & waffles every Friday, and on this particular Friday, I made my way down to Dunsmuir & Beatty on my very early lunch break.


I wanted to try everything on the menu, but managed to have some self-control, and stuck to the plan: chicken & waffles, and nothing else. They do three pieces of fried free-range organic chicken, smothered in chicken gravy, sandwiched between waffles, and doused in maple syrup. It was good. I think I’d prefer it without the gravy though. And the chicken, while super crunchy and yummy, tasted almost like it was breaded. I don’t really like that, but on the whole, it was good. I’ll definitely be back for chicken & waffles and to try the rest of their menu. I’ve got my eye on the buttermilk pancakes and Portobello mushroom breakfast sandwich.

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