Pink Praline

20130120_191221.jpg cropped

One of the best parts of working in downtown Vancouver’s financial district is being mere steps from some of the best patisseries the city has to offer. One such patisserie is Thierry, which is also a chocolaterie and a café, offering up a liquid chocolate that is quite literally dessert in a cup, alongside beautiful tarts and cakes, pithiviers, and bocadillo-esque sandwiches. Then there are the macarons, a rainbow of brightly coloured, buttercream-filled rounds sitting just to the right of the chocolates. Among the rotating flavour selections, one has always stood out to me: pink praline. I had no idea what pink praline was, so I Googled it. Turns out, it’s an old-fashioned French candy, particularly from Lyon – basically almonds coated in pretty pink crystallized sugar. They are so whimsical and yummy, and thanks to Mimi Thorisson’s Manger, really quite easy to make. I finally got around to making some last night.



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