Kouign Amann

FxCam_1358573792179 cropped

Nothing tests my patience like waiting for dough to rise. Thankfully, I had my mom and Stella to keep me company (and stop me from trying to find a way to speed up the process): we took a walk and then had wonton soup from our favourite noodle house for lunch.


Before I knew it, the dough had risen and was ready to be transformed into kouign amann.


Kouign amann, a buttery, caramelized Breton cake, is a perfect example of using simple ingredients to make something extraordinary. I used Mimi Thorisson’s recipe from her wonderful blog, Manger, and I was thrilled with the outcome. I’ll admit it was a bit of process, but it was well-worth every minute of kneading, rolling, spreading, sprinkling, and yes, waiting. The result was a rich, buttery cake, tasting much like the supple inside of a croissant with a sugary, slightly salty caramelized topping. Heaven.

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