Costumes and Pupcakes

Halloween came a little early for Stella and her buds: today was Three Dog Bakery’s Tricks for Treats event at the Suter Brooke village location in Port Moody. We were all so glad the rain held off long enough for costumes and Halloween “pupcakes”. Stella was a pink dragon, teeny tiny sidekick, Peanut, was a geisha girl, and Frenchie buddy, Charlie, came as Frankenstein. Among the throng of superheroes and various animals and creatures were a few notables: an English bulldog in sheep’s clothing, a boxer in a grass skirt and lei, and a Chihuahua dressed as the tiniest shark I’d ever seen. Today was great, a little chaotic, but with that many dogs – in costume, no less – it’s to be expected.  

We were a little hungry after trick-or-treating, so we stopped at Caffe Divano on Klahanie for some Spanish lattes and lemon-ricotta muffins. Caffe Divano is one of my favourite places – it’s a coffee shop, but it’s so much more than just a coffee shop. They make everything fresh and from scratch at the Port Moody location, so nothing is pre-packaged. My favourites are their lemon-ricotta muffins, homemade oreos, brownies, and roasted pork & brie panini. The Mediterranean quinoa salad I had today was great too – very light and fresh-tasting.

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